Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Return of Snow White and the Evil Queen...

As I went to the movies the other day, I noticed there are two Snow White movies coming out this year - one being Mirror, Mirror played by Julia Roberts and the other one being Snow White and the Huntsman where Charlize Theron plays the Evil Queen. While I was looking at the previews, I was fascinated by Charlize´s crowns and I couldn´t stop staring at them, but then, it hit me. The Evil Queen portrait is returning.... Why is that? Is Patriarchy so afraid of the Queen that it has to demonize her once again for younger generations to remember the Queen is Evil? How many more generations do we need to go by until we realize that the Queen archetype is the solution for most of our problems? Today, I was talking to Ava Park during our Queen Training and she said that the Dalai Lama said "The Western Woman will save the world" but she believe it was "the Queen in the Western woman who will save the world." I couldn´t help but agree with Ava´s beliefs because I do think the Queen archetype is what we need in order to move towards a place of harmony in this out of balance world. 

The Return of the Snow White tale and the Evil Queen role goes to show that Patriarchy is seeing that the Queen is coming back. She is not evil, she is not bad, she is not a cold bitch; she is the leader, she is the impersonal, she is the powerful one who cares for her realm and wants what´s best for all of us. If patriarchy feels they need to demonize a symbol of power, it is because they are scared and they see how powerful this archetype can be. This archetype can collapse all the structures that they built for years. This archetype can break all the fear base power that has been going on during the past decades and millennia. Yes - they should be scared. Yes - they should be aware. Yes - they should be prepared because when women wake up the Queen, everything can change. Things will not be the same as they were before but they will be better. Women´s power has been feared for too long and it is time to bring it back. Let´s get out of our shells and even though the general message is that the Queen is Evil, she is a drama queen, she is vane; we, women, know the truth. She is the source of our power and she is the one that will help us manifest our vision and take care of our realm. She will give us the clarity that only water can give when it washes away all the lies, uncertainties, fears and other things that keep us trapped these days.

Snow White and the Evil Queen have returned to the collective unconscious but it is up to us, Queens of our Realms, to stand up and show the world what it´s truth and what the Queen is all about.

Many blessings,

Lady Carolina
Note: Thank you Ava Park and the Goddess Temple of Orange County for bringing the Queen teachings to my life! I am forever grateful!

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  1. Er...perhaps the Dalai Lama has forgotten that it is a country of Eastern women - Indian women - that has been giving him shelter since the Chinese trashed Tibet and forced him into exile. I didn't see any Western women helping him - or the world - with that one.