Sunday, February 14, 2010

Be your Valentine Today!

Several years ago, I was creating a ritual for the Goddess Lucina and it was around Valentine's day. I decided that as part of the ritual, women should create a Valentine's Card for themselves where they could express how they feel about themselves. Love starts by loving ourselves first. We have a tendency to expect this from others but how would somebody loves us if we do not love or respect ourselves. We need to start treating ourselves the way we want others to treat us, and then that will manifest because, believe me, nobody will treat you badly if you treat yourself great. The opposite will happen, people will see that you respect yourself, that you have solid boundaries, that you reward yourself when things go right or you work hard to complete a goal; so then, they will start doing the same.

It all starts with us so today, treat yourself to some flowers, tell yourself how wonderful and powerful you are, have a massage or eat something you like. Do whatever you want others to do for you and rember that it all starts with you. Be your Valentine Today!


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