Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hardship and Spirituality

The other day, I was watching the Tudors, and Queen Catherine was mentioning that she was appreciative of the hardships in her life because that brought her nearer God, and she also mentioned that when everything is easy and happy, we get distracted and move away from our spirituality. Although I don't attune with the concept of God or the Catholic Church anymore, the words still stuck with me.

This week presented lots of challenges. First, I found out that I may be at risk of not passing the class I am taking at school because the teacher was not clear enough in her instruction, and took 15 points away from my grade. For the first time in many years of school life, I felt like I may fail this time. This was not a good feeling because failing was not part of what I believe my standards are. I pass classes. I have a 3.8 GPA while studying in a foreign country in a language that is not my own. This was not acceptable and stressed me out a great deal.

Stress is one of my biggest enemies since it allows my body immune system to go down and I usually get sick, so Sunday, I started feeling sick, and today I woke up with a full blown cold. This not only puts a block in my work out routine and my personal goals. Once again, the feeling of not being able to perform at the right speed or pace. This was not all, the universe decided to surprised me a little more. This morning, on my way to my car to go to work, I found out that my car had been broken into. The person smashed my window and all for what, a GPS. Now, I am paying more to fix the window than the cost of the GPS and to make matters worse, I found out that my deductible is really high so it will not cover the damages.

The question was, what do I need to learn about this? For the past week, I felt really near Isis and have been devoting a lot of time to my spiritual practice, making it stronger, making sure that it is a central part of my life, but every time I get hit, I can't help but ask, Why Goddess? Why me? My husband has lived in this country all his life and never had his car vandalized but I have been living here for 7 years, and plop, now my car is broken into and I feel I am not safe. What an ironic picture! I lived in Argentina all my life where safety is an issue but I felt safer there than I feel in this country.

Somehow, I know everything happens for a reason and the lesson may be to be grateful that they did only take the GPS and not the car, and that nobody was hurt. Like a friend in facebook said, the GPS can be replaced, the window can be replaced, but I can not be replaced.

I have to agree with Queen Catherine that hardship brings us nearer Goddess and our spirituality. What should a Priestess do? Just rest in peace that she is protected and that All is Well.


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