Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time to sort things out before Spring

Yesterday, while on my way to Isis Oasis, I was listening to a book on CD that I have not listened for sometime. This book is called "The Present" an it is from the same author that wrote "Who moved my cheese?" These two books are really motivating books and I usually listen to them when I need a push. This past week felt like another earthquake where I did not know where I am going but I felt that I have no energy to do anything.

While listening to this CD, the main message was "Live in the Present, Learn from the Past, and Plan for the Future" so I started meditating in how sometimes I live too much in the future that I do not enjoy the present, or have regrets about the past. Also, many times I feel I repeat the past without even noticing or I notice when it is too late. Several people say that if you don't learn a lesson the first time, it will repeat with different people or different situations until you learn it. I feel that I am a pro at noticing details but not as much as to learn the lesson.

Yesterday, I was able to share time with Loreon who is the founder of the Isis Oasis Temple in Geyserville, CA. She shared with me some of the stories about how the Goddess Movement was 30 years ago, how nice it was to see the movement evolving and seeing that one of the movies for the Oscars is a movie about Goddess and Nature - Avatar. I think that was one of those moments that I will always treasure and where I learned my lesson, because I was able to see that Goddess is always guiding me and placing people who keep showing me the way in my path. Everything has a meaning and now I know that I just need to sit and quiet down so I can listen to Isis and see what are the next steps so I can learn from the past, plan for the future, and the most important, Live in the Present.


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