Friday, February 5, 2010

Symbols and Messages

Goddess has interesting ways of talking to us. One of those ways is in our dreams. For the past three days, my dreams have been communicating what seems to me as messages from the Goddess. On Tuesday night, I had the dream where I was scared of flooding because I could see huge waives outside my house and I was frantically closing the windows to prevent the water to come in. I could also see a big storm coming, and lighting was striking in the skies. On Wednesday, the storm and the fear of the sea transformed into a happy relationship with the water. I could see myself in the beach with my feet in the water, and feeling how the waves caress my legs. It was beautiful. I woke up with the feeling that Isis was with me and blessing me with her presence. Yesterday night, another symbol came in my dreams. In my dream, I had a raven tattoo on my chest and I was in a very strange environment, somehow the raven made me feel special and protected. I know all these symbols are trying to tell me something, I just need to put the pieces together.

Talking about symbols and messages, it is compelling to see how many signs we get during a day, and how easy is to just not pay attention to them. Yesterday, I was in a meeting at work, and all of the sudden, I looked outside the window and on the sky above the hills, there was a cloud in the shape of a Goddess figurine. I couldn't believe it. It was so beautiful, so nice. It felt like a sign,and it was a sign indeed. Yesterday, I found a new mentor who will help me continue my journey to become a Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis by providing me the teachings for the Magi degree. This person, as a sponsor of the Goddess, guided me to birth my first Isis Circle - the Isis Circle of Harmony and Light Iseum. This will be my first step towards serving the Goddess and the continuation of my Priestess journey. I look forward to what symbols I will see in my dreams tonight.

Many Blessings!

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