Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reconnecting with my drum

Stress is part of our every day lives, and several times, I choose unhealthy patterns as a way to release stress. Lately, I've been trying to eat healthy and work out since I am preparing for a 5K and Half Marathon this year. I think that having a short and long term goal can help me stick with one of 2010 goals - be healthy and whole. It seems that at times, I am great at setting goals but not keeping up with them, so this time, I tried to not focus on weight or looks but instead of health and changing unhealthy habits such as numbing myself with food. During these past two days, I have been faced with several challenges at work when I felt I wanted something fried, alcohol or anything that can numb my anger, but instead of going through with the unhealthy patterns from the past, I decided to reconnect with my drum. Some people box, some people run, some people scream; I drum when I am stressed out. Why do I drum? Because it connects me with my spirituality, it reminds me that Goddess is with me every time, and that she is not putting anything in my path that I can not handle. It also brings me back to the topic of this year's blog - what should a Priestess do? Will a Priestess stuff herself with food? Will a Priestess drink till she has no more feelings inside? The answer is a big NO. A priestess will look for rituals that will help her connect with her soul and remind her that she is not here to do, but to be, and that no matter what other people say or do to her, she is still a worthwhile person.

Drumming and altar work have been some of my new tools to deal with stress. I am also using meditation and prayer, as well as more mundane stuff such as work out. So next time you are stressed out, what are you going to do? You have lots of choices! Just experiment and you'll find what works for you best.

Many blessings!

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